Why should we work together?

If you're here, something's on your mind.

Just let me know if this sounds like you.

You have writing projects that are pressing, or, maybe you just don't have the resources right now to get your current UX writing projects done.

Maybe you've got sales pages to get written and published so you can convert some new customers, and maybe you've got emails to write...

Wait a minute! What about that onboarding sequence to help your new users get acclimated to their new favourite product? Uh oh, is the voice and terminology in your product finalized? On your webpages?

Maybe you're looking for more than just "hired help." Maybe you want to put someone on the case who knows what they're doing--someone who's seen a few similar situations.

I've been on the inside, too.

Now, it can be a well-oiled machine, with free-flowing tribal knowledge, that inside track a persistent team has from seeing a product or service go from conception to market.

But you know, it's not always like that.

In fact, sometimes it's downright disfunctional no matter what you do. Devs holed up in silos, plugging away at sprints, long hours, to the brink.

Marketing might be getting the leads, but maybe they're not truly in touch with what's leaching into your product's bones. A disconnect... Your localization database is getting bloated with new feature terminology, and it's balooning fast.
Your product's supposed to be having a conversation with your users, but it's out there talking about "exceptions," burping out odd 9-digit codes, or wafting the slight reek of something left over from a bug testing round.

I could go on.

So there's the messaging you're using to lead your future users to water.
Then there's the innate tone and mood your product projects though commands, dialogs, error messages, onboarding screens.
The conversation your product has with its users.
Are you sure all that is aligned?

Are your customers as delighted as they thought they'd be once they try your product?

Are you sure that the span between first contact and loyalty is solid?
And is it solid enough to retain?

Does any of this ring a bell?

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Mike Wall, and I can handle that span across what you say about your product, and what your product says about itself.

Michael Wall - Copywriter and Content Writer
Photo: Lisa Griffiths - SFM

I'm the one on the outside who can give you a fresh viewpoint, a step back from your messaging to see what the public sees and feels. And I'm the one who can make all those "ends" I was just talking about meet.

Beware the curse of knowledge.
It can be a costly to think your customers are just like you.

  1. You want killer, saber-toothed SaaS value propositions and web copy.
  2. You want to be sure that your prospects get on that train to Userville.
  3. You want to solve true business cases through proper, useful UI microcopy.

That's why you're here.
This is why we should talk. I'll get these types of projects checked off your list.

We can get it all started with a 15-minute call. Just let me know when.

Or check out some of my work first.

Get and keep more customers, because you'll have them hooked on your value and honesty.

What do they say about me?

"I worked with Mike for over 5 years in both a professional and personal capacity, and I couldn't recommend him more. He is a great copywriter who's quick to immerse himself into the subject matter -- I was surprised to find how quickly he grasped the deeply technical products we built and how well he connected with customers to find the right narrative. He is a great asset in both copywriting, technical marketing, and a reliable wingman in all things business writing."
-- Ben Menesi, Vice President, Products – panagenda